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Telebhisean buadhail à Alba
Dearbhte, Cruthachail, Sònraichte

Won the International Documentary Feature prize at the Williamsburg Int Film & Music Fest in New York

A phenomenon known as ‘Peatlemania’ has recently taken hold of the nation. Fisherman Calum ‘Boydie’ Macleod, electrician Innes Scott, and delivery driver Uilleam ‘Uilly’ Macleod together as Peat & Diesel have taken the Highland music scene by storm capturing the country’s imagination through their infectious music and unique tales of island life.

With exclusive behind-the-scenes access, we follow the band on their journey to stardom, performing at various venues and festivals throughout the country, learning about what inspires their music and about how they are coping with the bright lights of fame and the demands of a rock and roll lifestyle. Away from their fairytale adventure we also spend time with the boys at home to find out where their story originally began.

A fascinating and lively portrayal of how three Stornoway Coves have rocketed to fame through playing the music which they love and have been immersed in growing up on the Isle of Lewis.


Daibhidh Martin