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Telebhisean buadhail à Alba
Dearbhte, Cruthachail, Sònraichte

Shortlisted for Celtic Media Festival award 2024 in short drama category.

In ‘Dad Sam Bith’, a young boy with a big imagination starts to question his absent Dad. In the wondrous mobile shop on wheels, he finds exactly what he was looking for: a Dad – three of them!

This heartwarming story about family life takes twists that Mason could never have imagined. When he goes shopping for a birthday present for mum Anna, Mason instead finds a present for himself. A way to magic an instant Dad into his life – an escapade that brings much calamity. In Calum Ailig’s mobile shop, he finds ‘Grow your own Dad’ kits, and he starts experimenting with the different models: Super Strong Dad, Fisherman Dad and Accountant Dad – each new parental figure brings pros and cons!


Catriona Lexy Campbell