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Soillse / Trusadh
Compelling stories from around the world

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Trusadh: Scotland and the gun - Monday 26th March @ 2100 BBC ALBA

The Gun has played a major role in rural Scottish life for generations. To this day, the history and cultural heritage of hunting and shooting for sport generates a vital income. A fascinating and informative look at the story of the gun in Scottish society, and it’s  role in contemporary life today.


R - Tuesday 27th March @ 2200

Trusadh: Land heroes - Monday 2nd April @ 2100 BBC ALBA

With a remarkable decline in crofting activity in the last few years, are we seeing the end of the crofting way of life? Or are there new opportunities in the 21st century? 


R - Tuesday 3rd April @ 2200

Soillse: The french spiderman  - Wednesday 28th March @ 2100 BBC ALBA

Alain Robert, the diminutive French climbing sensation, has climbed most of the tallest building in the world, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.


R - Thursday 29th March @ 2230

Soillse: Iron crows - Wednesday 4th April @ 2100 BBC ALBA

Everyday some 20,000 people in Chittagong, a small port city of southern Bangladesh risk their lives for 2 dollars. They dismantle retired old ships from all over the world. An average of 20 workers dies in Chittagong every year. Despite the harsh working environment full of contaminants and toxic gases, the ships are gifts from God.


R - Thursday 5th April @ 2230


Celtic sessions - Horo Gheallaidh

On BBCALBA every Saturday at 2200 from 24th September

World class musicians from the Celtic Connections festival drop in to give special, intimate performances at the Horo Gheallaidh ceilidh session’s filmed in Glasgow and presented by Sarah Cruickshank. 

This series Abigail Washburn, Fiddlers Bid, Kepa Junkera, Cathy Ann Macphee and Daimh are among the guests.


This is a unique opportunity to watch world-class artists up close, performing stripped down versions of their songs live on our sofa in a way you won’t have seen them before. 

Reed Music

The pipes are one of the music world’s most distinctive sounds and piping is one of its earliest musical forms.


This exciting, new series -  An Ribheid Chiùil / Reed Music - tells the amazing story of the instrument and its players, and is a fascinating introduction to the international, colourful and exciting world of the pipes.  From diffusion, change and sophistication in the world of piping over history, to today’s players who have taken piping into new popularity through pipebands, solo performing and bands touring international festivals and circuits.


Presented by piper Anna Murray.


From Monday 2nd January at 2030 on BBC ALBA